Arduino DIY Version has passed MAS review, on sep.13/2016.
I had planned gumroad release, which control SMC. But I'll defer it to someday, because of request shortage.
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At First
A Basic concept of the app is notice CPU heats by color, by so, you can see it intuitively without stop other hands.
The app has four product lines as below. Please check this out and select fit one.
CoolerController Pro for Hackers
Above demo and below explain about this mainly. Now pay attention that Other line is not send message to Arduino, when you purchase.
CoolerController Pro for Analists
This one is specialized about internal system status analyze.
Today it can indicates commonly values that will be helpful to know virtualmemory and CPU loads states by graphically. If I implemented new feature about analizing, update this at first.
CoolerController (regacy)
(Sorry, now the app version is postponed on many country markets.)
This is MacAppStored about three years ago, the most longest lifetime in four lines. It released when Sandbox rule has determined in MAS, So sandbox interrupts working long time, but now works because of system re-design.
CoolerController Free
(Sorry, now the app version is postponed on markets.)
This app line is just a trial edition to tell basic concepts. So, there is a possiblility to discontinue maintenance it, without notice in some case.
What is this?

This product is a software which can control the wind force of the fan by change poweron frequency. Left picture and demo video are the assemble examples that use this product with Arduino uno and no PWM 12V DC fan that usually used in desktop computers.

The App monitor CPU load by several seconds that you set on this App preferece, and tell statuses to Arduino. So, a fan power unit catch frequency of on/of states via Arduino shield and sketch code bundled on the App. The System designed for buspower to drive a fan, so you need not extra power line.

How to Use?

The line of Macbook has weak point that is very feable with heat. Especially, high spec MacBook Air, or HDD MacbookPro, I thought.

So, This software is designed to cool down your Mac forcely from external PC fan which you like. The software has the feature which monitor CPU loads in real time, and output appropriate power to fan.
The feature designed to save macbooks batterylife effectively.

So, How to use this? In the left picture, a fan set over the keyboard because I use extra keyboard usually and MBA11's effective cooldown point is above 'Q' key mayhap, but if you wanted to use standard keyboard, you can locate a fan anywhere (e.g., see Concepts01 fig), and generate wind with buspower by single USB cable.

An DIY Illustration NOTES: Here, just I wish to tell you my personal production as an general example.
So, Any company or organizations that founds in images have any relations to the App.
Over view
Shield and Arduino
Well then, What shoud you do next?

OK, Hardware what you need is above and an arduino. see also .
the picture uses arduino uno.

STEP1: Get an Arduino and its IDE.
If you had installed Arduino IDE app on your mac ever, it starts by push the "Load Sketch" button.
CCP4H distribute Sketch code to your mac automaticaly via Arduino IDE. In addition, when you get Arduino unit, you can start testing communition works.

STEP2: Time to Start Wiring
and solder above shieled circuit. You have understand about Arduino, you should wire diagrams on a universal board for Arduino. Or use bureadboard kit, if you need not mobility.

STEP3: Test & adjust CoolerControll
Run a serial console connected with usbmodem which uses the Arduino. And push each command buttons which show above preference panel.
If you felt your 12V fan power was weak or strong, push "External fan Power Setting" and try to adjust.
Please see also concepts02 diagram about messaging system in detail.
Finally, check "I have setuped my extra fan" on, then CCP4H start auto-controling your Arduino.

When you decide to make shield circuit, refer to Diagram1 or 2. (above picture presents Diagram 1).
CCP4H has helper feature, to make it.
LCD on shield board, can display fan drive mode. But this is not mandatory unit.
If you need not LCD, the shield design is very simple. So, even if you have never use soldering iron but you have interrests, the shiled must be assembled in an instant.

Circuit Diagram1(LCD)

Circuit Diagram2(LED)

BTW, when you stuck by STEP2, look at above pictures and a circuit diagram you choose closely, if all else fails, I'm going to put FAQ or BBS here.

You may feel that this is too easy to fun. But I already have next IoT with macOS plans... if CCP4H got good response from you, I'm going to launch it to MAS someday.

Features ScreenShot

You can select display style.
StatusBar Mode This feature is implemented in all line
MiniWindow Mode CCP4H has Arduino control icon, like right edge.
CC maybe deprecate MiniWindow MODE in the future.

And I add monitoring system functions.

InternalStatus Monitoring function

The right side graphs has been adopted relative axis drawing, because of neglecting gaps of each lines scale, and saving area.
Each y axis MAX value is indicated by △:YMAX, MIN value is ▽:YMIN.
So, these graphs will be drawn that show you each concrete values, but rate of changes. Like, each lines Ceiling means YMAX, floor means YMIN. And X axis is time that indicate same value in each graphs.

The feature is delivered in CCP4A&H Only.
The feature is delivered in CCP4H Only. Serial console implemented

If you have any questions , please contact me.

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